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Emerson and Elizabeth Stone, world-class top management development presenters, keynotes, business strategy facilitators

TOPMG LLC Senior Partners

Emerson and Elizabeth Stone are leading transnational business strategy and top management development experts. They each bring over thirty-five years of entrepreneurial and senior executive development expertise from multiple industries and organizations serving as corporate business owners, board chairs, senior executives, business owners, general managers, business consultants, executive coaches and "Best Friends": 

  • Helping business owners, business owners and top management teams from all sizes of business, professional, governmental and not-for-profit organizations, including Fortune 500, multi-nationals, NATO, the U.S. Department of Defense, health care organizations, small high tech start-ups, growing IPO directed companies, plus individual executives, celebrities and public figures both in the United States and abroad more effectively achieve their personal, professional and organizational objectives. 

  • Offering a unique combination of experience and expertise making them trusted partners to clients globally concerning their most challenging business issues especially with those business executives who are READY TO TAKE THEIR ORGANIZATION TO THE NEXT LEVEL. 



NYU MOTTO Perstare et Praestare — OREGON MOTTO Mens Agitat Molem


Despite the facts that Elizabeth is an "NYU Bobcat" loves Chelsea, the theater and ballroom dancing and Emerson loves Eugene, Nike, sports, martial arts and is an "Oregon Duck"—coupled with their strong political differences, they still find common ground and are enlightening, entertaining, humorous, engaging, and offer the leading-edge in global business strategy development and are much sought after “Rock-Solid” team presenters at seminars, keynotes, conferences and retreats worldwide.

  • Elizabeth Stone was born in Little Rock, Arkansas and had the good fortune of being a Mauney, whose family fortune began as major shareholders in the only diamond mine in North American. Determined to have her own career, she entered the apparel industry in New York City training with Saks Fifth Avenue and specializing in sales/marketing. Her favorite position was as a buyer for 250 stores. Mid-career Elizabeth moved to the hospitality industry and enjoyed success as a restaurateur, and catering company - event center entrepreneur.

  • Emerson Stone III was born in Hollywood, California where his father helped start and develop Capitol Records into a world entertainment leader. He learned early the importance of innovation backed by sound business practice. He is a Distinguished Military Graduate of the University of Oregon, where he received both his Bachelor of Science Degree in Military Science & Management and a Master of Science Degree in Systems Science. Emerson is a combat veteran serving twice in command and in four battle campaigns with the United States Marine Corps. His Ph.D. studies are in Business Administration with research specialization in senior executive development at Harvard University/Fielding Institute.