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Business Strategy Consulting: Mastering the Crucial Competencies of Highly Effective Senior Executives

The realities of global economic interconnectedness, competition, increased diversity of business environments, deregulation and rapid technological change have dramatically raised the bar on what it takes to create a competitive advantage strategy–let alone sustain it. The business performance gap between winners and losers has never been greater.

  • Why are so many companies failing?
  • Why are so many senior executives being fired?
  • Strategy and competitive advantage strategy have never been more important.
  • Strategic decision making in the context of complex continually changing and ever challenging competitive global economic, ecological, political, cultural, and social environments coupled with the threats of terrorism and natural disasters require growth strategy training.
  • Balancing competing demands–most especially customer, employee and shareholder satisfaction–within the context of finite resources is the business of the day.

Senior Strategy Consulting—Bridging the Gap Between Business School & Business Success

What are the characteristics of highly effective senior executives?


"Know your enemy, know yourself, & your victory will not be threatened.
Know the terrain, know the weather, and your victory will be complete."
Sun Tzu

Best of the Best East-West-Business-Military

TopMgt℠ Strategy Consulting merges best strategy practices east-west-business-military and is built on the assumption that highly effective senior executives have 3 key competencies in common:

1. Right CUSTOMERSFirst, they know precisely who the right customers are, what the right customers want, and how to deliver what the right customers want better than any competitor.

2. Right STRATEGYSecond, they are open-minded strategic creative thinkers, who know how to diagnose complex problems, collaborate, craft innovative solutions, and who then develop the right strategy with total business buy-in and alignment, followed by effective strategy execution.

3. Right RESULTSFinally, they deliver the 5 Crucial Strategic Outcomes (CSOs) essential for sustained business success.

Building and Sustaining Competitive Advantage

TopMgt℠ Strategy Consulting serves senior executives from around the world with a variety of missions, goals and objectives each sharing in common the desire to develop and deliver superior strategy for sustained competitive advantage and company success.

Developing and Executing Breakthrough Growth Strategy

TopMgt℠ Strategy Consulting provides a unique way of integrating strategic analysis, alignment and execution – plus practical guidelines for implementing new strategic directions by helping senior executives identify their sources of value creation in relationship to profitability, desired growth, cost efficiency, risk-appetite, ROI, stakeholder demands, impact on current business and operating models, Triple Bottom Line (TBL), namely, financial (profit) , social (people) and environmental (planet) outcomes, and the identification and delivery of Crucial Strategic Outcomes (CSOs).




"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results."
Winston Churchill


  • C-Suite Executives




 All of our TopMgt℠ Strategy Consulting is led by two senior management facilitators:

 1. Senior Business Strategy Facilitator-Coach-Consultant with:

  • Both COB and CEO business experience.
  • International business experience.
  • Commissioned service in the Armed Forces of the United States, Canada or other NATO member countries with both command and general staff experience.
  • Ph.D., D.B.A or at a minimum a Master's Degree in business, healthcare or public administration from a major international public or private university.
  • At least two years of Ph.D. level research/study in strategic management development.

2. Senior Business Development Facilitator-Coach-Consultant with:

  • Both COB and CEO business experience.
  • Ten or more years of business ownership experience.
  • Ten or more years of profit-center strategic business management experience including P&L authority and accountability.
  • Both entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial expertise.


  • Successful completion of an TopMgt℠ Leadership or Strategy Masterclass.


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